My history

Thank you for your interest in my story and background, I promise I kept it relevant for you to get an idea of who I am as an individual and as a professional.

Building websites and blog networks at the age of 14 opened my eyes to the possibilities of the “digital world” but it also helped me see job and business opportunities as a young adult in the marketing field.
Diving into this field when I was 19 years old exposed me to innovative professionals and tough business challenges. The journey led from remotely following a particular executive to becoming his employee and eventually venturing into business together.

I have developed a more in-depth understanding of Digital Marketing and the Front-End Development Agency market in Brazil. Working with most of the top tier retailers in that market and having a direct hand in a sizeable company merger exposed me to brilliant American investors.

My accomplishments in Brazil and collaboration with American business partners inspired me to move to the United States and become an expert in SaaS and Consumer Oriented Products.

At this point I’m proud to call the city of San Francisco my home and have worked with many Fin-tech start-ups. Despite my involvement in various industries, such as Cryptocurrency, Autonomous Cars and B2B Services, it never gets old and I enjoy moving with the times.

work experience
PEBMED - Product Marketing Specialist

Driving adoption and engagement of PEBMED's products (Whitebook, Nursebook, Portal) with clear product positioning, messaging and launch strategies;

NNRoad - Marketing Manager

Responsible for managing all aspects related to the marketing strategy implementation in the company, from hands-on operations to the collaboration with external entities, ensuring comprehensive compliance with all contractual obligations and KPIs.

Yuri Moreno - Digital Marketing Consultant

Consultant focused on inbound marketing evaluation and optimization, user experience design and conversion rate optimization for small to medium size projects.

Digitais do marketing - Executive Director

Main investor and responsible for the increase in revenue and development of companies through efficient marketing and advertising strategies. The website achieved record-breaking rates in terms of traffic, profit and visibility.

Cruise - Product Engineering Team Lead

Responsible for AVT performance assessments to ensure consistent output. Conducted driving tests for AVT drivers applicants monitoring attendance and timesheet presentation.

Epicfy - Founder and Consultant

Founder and responsible for the guidance of growing companies aiming to create strategies to strengthen sales and marketing and to help on revenue growth.

BTCjam - Marketing and Growth Manager

Responsible for the expansion and acquisition within the marketplace using comprehensive and superb marketing skills. Enhanced online identity, presence and increased revenue of companies through the creation of processes to maximize their marketing potential and the creation of efficient keyword portfolios.

Underdogs - Head of Media and Partner

Responsible to ensure client satisfaction using skills such as leadership, communication and teamwork.

Extraball - Project Manager and Co-founder

Responsible for managing Front-End projects, using technical skills and expertise to gather, analyse, delineate and monitor requirements.

underDOGS - SEO Specialist

SEO specialist for big companies aiming to increase brand awareness and profit. Responsible also for analysing the market aiming to develop and evaluate key performance indicators to maximize return on investments (ROI).

OpusVP consultoria - ERP Consultant

Used superb skills to ensure the control of projects and resources and served as project manager to ensure they were all completed on time. Was selected to be the key member and be in contact with important clients of the company.

Fictor Consultoria - ERP Systems Analyst Intern

Collaborated with the ERP team to detect problems on the system and led efforts to define, analyse and implement improvements.

Public Speaking
Email marketing
Mídias Sociais
Autonomous Cars
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